MMCL – The Marshall McLuhan Improv-Project

Performance by Rotten Timeline Productions & Fast Forward Theatre, 2010/2011

Performers: Sabine Manke & Martin Esters

“The year is 2150. Mankind has reached Singularity. Technology has achieved a state of perfection undreamt of just seconds before. First man became the extension of media, now man and media are the extensions of each other. This is a journey back into the early 21st century. There are fond memories of the luhanatic prophet, the “great destroyer of civilization”, Marshall McDonald. Or whatever his name was. Records are sparse. Probes of an ancient device called “storytelling” are spinning around the globe in various directions at the same time. Will they collide?“  (Advertising text)

MMCL: A performance on topics, antics and forensics of Herbert Marshall McLuhan.
Improvised scenes probing the concepts of Marhall McLuhan’s media philosophy intertwined with extracts of historical interviews and lectures by Marshall-McLuhan, combined with absolute openness to audience interaction and sudden messages from the Universe. Who built the Mechanical Bride? Is the message the massage or is the medium the tedium? Can you rewrite McLuhan by rearranging the words he used, or will you change the message this way?

Supported by Marburger Zentrum für Kanada-Studien